Muscle Milk: Class Action Lawsuit

Muscle Milk, Other Popular Beverages, Face Class Action for Overstating Nutritional Benefits

Mass Tort AttorneyA class action lawsuit filed in California at the end of January states that the manufacturers of Muscle Milk made false statements regarding the nutritional content of their drink, and lied to consumers when they stated in advertising that the drink is lean and can help dieters and athletes lose weight.

Cytosport Inc manufactures Muscle Milk, and is the lead defendant in a class action brought forward by unhappy consumers who say that the amount of protein and calories in Muscle Milk cannot be backed up with scientific testing.

The complaint alleges that “[p]ersons requiring a certain amount of protein supplementation, whether as part of fitness regimen or for particular health needs, are left to ingest less protein than defendant states will be provided.”

The complaint continues that Cytosport “products contain significantly less protein that what is claimed and displayed.” Moreover, the company “fortifies its Lean Muscle Milk Products with sunflower and canola oils, considerable sources of fat” and “has no basis to label is Lean Muscle Milk Products as ‘lean’.”

The company has also been accused of labeling their product as “lean,” when in fact Muscle Milk does not contain any less fat than its protein drink competitors – this is in violation of federal nutritional labeling laws, as well as nutrition laws in California, Florida, and Michigan. Consumers could have potentially harmed their health and wellness routine due to these false claims, which led to the class action lawsuit.

Class Action Lawsuits Protect Consumers from Harm

Class actions and consumer protection cases can stem from an almost unlimited variety of misconduct or defective products.

A class action is a procedural device to collect individuals’ claims that are suffering harm.  When a case is awarded class action status, it means that an individual or small group of plaintiffs will act as representatives for others who have suffered injuries similar to theirs because of actions by the same defendant.

The main reason for making something a class action is efficiency.  If a large group of people have the same injury, it is easier to decide whether they are entitled to compensation in one area, rather than a case by case basis.

Class Action cases we have handled include:

  • a case against the managed care industry on behalf of physicians for systematically undercutting physician claims for payment for seeing patients;
  • race-based life insurance cases against life insurance companies for charging African Americans higher rates for industrial life insurance;
  • consumer cases included suing finance companies for adding credit life insurance on to consumer loans;
  • consumer cases involving harm or false statements regarding a product’s safety and efficacy;
  • a predatory lending case against the title loan industry;
  • a predatory lending case against the mortgage industry for systematically steering clients into subprime lending

The Strom Law Firm Defends Plaintiffs Who File Class Action Lawsuits

The Class Action attorneys at Strom Law Firm, LLC understand the complexities surrounding class action lawsuits. Class actions and consumer protection cases can stem from an almost unlimited variety of misconduct or defective products. Contact our law firm today for a free review of the facts of your case

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